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Categories for Bad Faith Insurance Lawyers

Underpayment of Claims Lawyers

What To Do If There Is An Underpayment Of Claims Issue With Your Insurance Paying your premiums on insurance policies that you hold is something you probably do religiously. You have to pay them on time each month or else run the risk of having them lapse on you. This is all very clear and…

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Homeowner’s Insurance Bad Faith Lawyers

From mansions to terraced row houses, the fact remains that most individuals spend the bulk of their financial budget on housing. This makes a home your single most valuable asset in most cases. As such, you naturally want to protect it and your budget from devastation should an incident, such as a natural disaster, happen…

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Inadequate Investigation Lawyers

Although insurance is supposed to compensate people from unforeseen circumstances, there are times when it is not able to because of errors, intentional or unintentional, on the part of the insured or even the insurer. There are insurers who attempt to avoid paying legitimate claims by not conducting an adequate investigation. In the insurance industry,…

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Insurance Agent Error Lawyers

In the United States, insurance is commonly regarded as a necessity. They say if you don’t have any insurance, you must be filthy rich. But let’s say you do have a term insurance and you figured in a car accident. You know you are supposed to be paid a certain amount as compensation to be…

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Wrongful Claim Denial Lawyers

Many millions of dollars are paid out each year by Americans for insurance. In some situations, we are legally required by the state or by a lender to get this insurance – such as with car ownership. But insurance can also help provide for our families and ourselves in the event of a major loss…

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