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Los Angeles Rear End Collision Accident Lawyers

Every eight seconds, there is a rear-end collision in the United States, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administrator. In numerical terms, rear-end collisions involve approximately 2.5 million drivers annually and are the most common category of accidents, accounting for more than one-third of all car accidents in the U.S. Because these accidents seldom result in fatalities or serious damage to the automobiles involved, the public perception — and the attitude of the insurance companies — has been that rear-end collisions are “minor” accidents.

In reality, individuals driving or riding in a car that is struck from behind can receive debilitating injuries. Furthermore, it is not uncommon for the injured parties to be unaware of the extent of their injuries until days or even months after the accident as symptoms may be slow to manifest. Some of the most frequent injuries sustained in a rear-end collision include:

Whiplash — Whiplash is a neck injury that is caused by the head being abruptly jerked forward and/or back. The nerve roots, discs, ligaments, muscles and intervertebral joints may be damaged. Symptoms of whiplash — which may not appear for several days after an accident — include pain or stiffness in the neck, dizziness, headaches, numbness or pain in one or both arms or hands, memory difficulties and irritability. There may as be pain in the lower back, between the shoulder blades or in one or both shoulders.

• Traumatic Brain Injury: The severity of a traumatic brain injury can be relatively mild, such as a minor concussion, or serious, such as an intracranial hematoma or bleeding inside the skull that can be life-threatening. It is not necessary to receive a blow to the head to suffer a brain injury; forces exerted on other parts of the body can be sufficient to “shake” or jar the brain and cause it to impact the skull. Symptoms can develop soon after an accident, or there may be no symptoms until much later. Typical symptoms include headaches, inability to think clearly, dizziness, vision problems, irritability, depression or sleeping more (and sometimes less) than normal.

Spinal Cord Injuries: The spinal cord is a complex system that is responsible for carrying nerve impulses between the brain and every other part of the body. Injuries to the vertebrae or the blood vessels and soft tissues around the spinal cord can result in a loss of feeling or mobility. Symptoms may appear soon after an accident, but often, the injured person is unaware of the severity, mistaking symptoms for minor muscle strain or bruising and expecting the symptoms to clear up shortly.

• Other Injuries: Victims of a rear-end collision can suffer from a variety of other injuries. Bones may be broken; although it would be uncommon to suffer a compound fracture of a major bone in the arm or leg without the person being immediately aware of the injury, less traumatic fractures or fractures of smaller bones (such as those in the hand or foot) may not be obvious at first. Internal organs, such as the spleen or liver, can be lacerated or bruised, with symptoms not appearing until several days after the accident.

Insurance companies are well aware that injuries sustained in a rear-end collision may not appear immediately. Therefore, because insurance companies are in business to make a profit, adjusters will often try to pressure victims into signing a settlement offer soon after an accident. Adjusters know that injuries commonly sustained in a rear-end collision (such as whiplash, spinal cord damage and traumatic brain injury) can result in significant medical expenses and lost wages. Agreeing to a settlement makes it more difficult — sometimes impossible — for injured people to receive the payments they deserve. In many cases, these victims are left unable to afford the medical treatment that they need to recover or adjust to their impairment.

The Lawscape Team consists of experienced attorneys and legal advocates who can guide you when you or a loved one are injured in a rear-end collision. We will investigate the accident site and reconstruct the chain of events to prove liability. We will consult with medical professionals, forensic experts and accident recinstructionists to build a case to help you obtain the maximum compensation for your specific situation. We understand the importance of receiving prompt medical care, and we will deal with the insurance companies to help you obtain the care you need.

Unfortunately, many accident victims believe that they have no choice other than to accept an insurance company’s settlement offer, often because they feel that they do not have the funds to retain legal representation. At Lawscape, we do not collect any “up-front” money from our clients. Our initial consultation is free, and we bear the costs of litigation. We only get paid after we obtain a settlement or winning verdict in your case. Unlike the insurance companies, we are committed to serving the best interests of our clients. Our goal is to reduce your stress and frustration by dealing with the process while you concentrate on healing.

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