The Benefits of Hiring a Los Angeles DUI Lawyer to handle your Los Angeles DUI

Hiring a Los Angeles DUI lawyer is the best decision you can make when you have been arrested for driving under the influence. Most people who are arrested for this crime are likely to serve jail time, pay big fines, or have his licensed suspended. Although you are not actually charged with drunk driving during the time of the arrest, it’s still extremely important to have an experienced lawyer represent your case. Since the officers may believe that there is enough evidence to charge you with drunk driving, you need a knowledgeable criminal attorney that has the skills necessary to drop the charges before they are even made.

The primary goal of a great Los Angeles DUI lawyer is to prove to the prosecutors that there is not enough evidence to officially bring a case before you. Because the police department usually has a good relationship with your attorney, he/she will be able to obtain important information quickly and smoothly.

Once the evidence is received, the lawyer can determine the details of the accident and the officer’s current position on the matter. Some questions that the lawyer will ask himself are “Does the police officer think my client is quilty? If so, what evidence helps him reach that conclusion?” Through logical thinking and reasoning, the lawyer will eventually find the gaps in the legal process and arguments to ensure that the prosecutor will not formally charge you with a DUI.

Before the prosecutors have a chance to officially press charges, the attorney will present strong defenses and demonstrate weaknesses informing them that charging you with a DUI will be a waste of the prosecutor’s time and the county’s resources. The attorneys’ working relationship with the police department will enable him to contact the prosecutor quickly, thus possibly having a conversation outside the courtroom.

Knowing these advantages to hiring a DUI lawyer, you also need to know the factors to consider when choosing representation. Here are the benefits of hiring a lawyer of H & M Law Firm in Los Angeles, California.

  • Opportunity to schedule an initial consultant with a DUI attorney to determine the role he will play in working to drop the charges.
  • Since 97 percent of the firm’s clients never go to jail or pay any penalties after the case is resolved, you can be assured that you are in good hands.
  • The lawyer is knowledgeable in the latest requirements for breath tests, blood draws, and field sobriety tests.
  • Our Los Angeles DUI attorneys know the players involved in the prosecution including the judge, prosecutor, and local officer.
  • Our firm offers flexible payment plans so that you can afford our services.
  • We make sure our lawyers for your case specialize and have extensive experience in DUI matters.
  • At H & M Law Firm, our clients work with a team of the best Los Angeles DUI lawyers who confront district attorneys on a regular basis to ensure that cases are dismissed.

The decision to hire a Los Angeles DUI attorney immediately after you have been arrested has many benefits. An experienced lawyer will be able to contact the right persons to resolve this matter even before a case is filed. Additionally, the lawyer that will be assigned to your case regularly practices DUI law; as a result, he will thoroughly understand the applicable law and the local prosecutors. The attorney also understands the options related to a drunk driver case in your jurisdiction, but know that his ultimate goal is to convinced the prosecutors not to press charges. Requesting the help from an expert lawyer should not be a possibility but a necessity. If you have been accused of driving under the influence, you should not refuse to hire a DUI lawyer just to save money. After being arrested for a DUI, you want to immediately enlist the service of a professional who can drop the charges instead of battling with the criminal justice system.


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